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A Long Overdue Post (2)

As promised Mai, here they are! The top ones were all taken up until the kittens turned one month old.

Three months later…

*P.S. Photo credit goes to my sister and NOT me… (Happy now?)


Welcome to…

A Long Overdue Post

…So long overdue it’s just in time for the next litter’s pictures insha Allah! 🙂 But hey, better late than never.

Here are just a few, I was planning on adding two movie clips of the kittens (and their adorable meowing!) but they can’t be uploaded in the format they’re in.

…more coming in a week or two insha Allah! Now if you’ll excuse me (I don’t know who ‘you’ is as I’m typing to myself), I must chase after Mama cat before she climbs through my window for the sixth time. I don’t know how she manages climbing up rooftops despite being so pregnant, but I do know that judging on how fast she can open the window she could probably open jars with her claws faster than I can with my hands…and that her meows are heartbreaking :(.

Way back in the day when I was simply a kid

Hidden in the shed I kept a small squid.

A tire swing hung on the tree in my yard,

And from my teacher that summer, a shiny postcard.

The following year my lunch box was new,

Always in it a stick of mint gum to chew

Which I was always forced to throw out,

Before it was even time for lights-out!

A whole fifty-six cents lived in my piggy bank,

I still haven’t the slightest idea how they shrank.

With a beige band-aid on my scabbed knee

(Mama wouldn’t buy the kind with the pink horse),

And a bag full of worked-hard-for sour candy

(For after dinner of course),

I had everything I wanted and a little bit more,

But above all, I had access to the corner bookstore.

And it was on a bright sunny day right there that I found ’em,

Words holding hands together to make me a favourite po-em.

By the time it was supper I had all of it memorized,

The slow walk back home that ‘noon I despised.

But thinking of it now, I just don’t know

Its words, its rhythm, how it used to flow!

I think it had something to do with a squid,

Or was it a bratty six-year-old kid?

No, no, a new pack of cherry gum!

Oh, but isn’t that somewhat rather dumb…

If only I could remember how exactly it went,

Alas, all those years how were they spent?