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Thanks to Daughter of Pearls for the creative title!


Oh My, Oh Canada…

After every video of Boonaa Mohammed I tell myself, ‘this is my new favourite one!’

But seriously, this time  – no I can’t promise that, just listen… 😀

Stay tuned…


I think back now…

Listening to her words bobbing on melody’s surface,

It was only too clear how much of the past she did miss.

As we scratched the wooden tables using dull spoon tips,

We heard stories saved for retelling, spilling from dry chapped lips:

She spoke of exhausting days of glory and nights of hunger,

Nights where the people’s only wish was to be younger,

Wiser, stronger, and easier said than done: better.

I don’t care if people tell me the past can’t be relived,

And while my own pen marks and paper cuts are shortlived,

Still, I can imagine the stinging scars they bore on their hands,

And the burns which formed from clutching the deen’s thick strands.

Saa’d and AlBaraa: their bowls filled with bravery and strength,

Ibn Mas’ood: forget height, instead, reaching past arm’s length,

Zaid and Mu’ath: youth paired with both wisdom and dedication,

Leap after step, building after brick,  laying Islam’s foundation.

And what of…

The rulings of the four khulafaa’ followed by another’s,

What of the ummah and its hearts-of-steel mothers?

Taking their faith with them further than the grave,

Redefining known adjectives such as ‘great’ and ‘brave’.

Words, words, words

Are all I can bring forth, yet the words I hear her speaking of

Come from different dictionaries, despite the same language.

Radiya Allahu ‘anhuma jamee’an

May Allah be pleased with them all.

PS Thank you Hanaa 🙂