It’s time for the ‘match the sister to the convo’ game 🙂

Convo 1

???: “Welcome to the world. You’re not a kid. Please wake up. Don’t take it personal, but no one cares about you and as a matter of fact they want to be better than you.”


Convo 2

???: “ajidfokalsdfisdjf” – something funny that I forget

Me: “If I had a facebook account I would make that my status. Too bad – ”

???: “No.” *moments later* “You can get facebook.”

Me: “ARE YOU – ”

– ???: “Just kidding!” *later* “If you had facebook you could make a fan page for me.”


Convo 3

– Grandma: “…Yeah, they’re staying in Beirut for two days.”

???: “Oh Beirut as in Paris, right?”


Convo 4

– Me after entering her room: “What was that one – ”

– ???: “Bismillah!”

– Me: “Um… Am I really that scary?”

– ???: “I didn’t see you!”

– Me: “Okay. What was that one – ”

– ???: “What?”

– Me: “I said what was that – ”

– ???: “Whaat??”

– Me: “I SAID – ” *??? takes out earplugs* “What was that one thing you said yesterday that I was all ‘ohh if I had fb I would make that my status!’?”

– ???: “Oh, how I told you, ‘Today I learned you have a psychiatric disorder.’?”

– Me: “Yeah. I’m not gonna facebook it. I’m gonna WORDPRESS it.”

– ???: “Um… Okay. You make no sense please go I have to study.”


Wisdom, Discipline, and Humour – I need a bit of everything. Maybe that’s why I have 3 sisters. Alhamdulillah.

And seriously, what would you choose?