Below lie a few of the extremely-long-waited for kitten pictures! However, since I took forever to post them up (and lost a kitten on the way – adopted alhamdulillah), there’s also a pretty cool story behind one of the furballs; one never knows where they’ll find their daily inspiration from!





The Story

Yesterday one of the kittens fell off the top step of the stairs (the ones in the pic). I know, triple ouch. The poor thing started meowing like crazy with every hobble it took afterwards. (Alhamdulillah, she’s better now.) So what’s the cool thing about this story? Well, it just so happens that of all the kittens (6 at the time), only the one who was injured is able to jump from the steps today.

Moral: What hurts now may be the reason behind your success later (and because of your difficult situation @ the present (think of it as a present), you may end up whizzing by others struggling in the future).  

Insha Allah soon enough I’ll post some cuter pictures with better resolution. I stole these ones off L.

Enough posts for one night, methinks!

PS Ever since I found out ‘one’ can’t be referred to as ‘they’ – (ex: one never knows where they’ll find…), I find it so hard to implement this irritating grammar rule destroyed by everyday conversation. Sorry. Blame society, media, and cheese (why not?), but not milk.