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We’ve all heard it before:

 “Don’t leave the milk out for too long, it’ll spoil!”


“Why is the milk still on the table? I told you, it’ll spoil!”


“How many times do I have to tell you?! Put the milk in the fridge!”


“Hello? Are you listening to me?! Heeellooooo???”

Or maybe just the first one…

Point is – If you leave things waiting for too long, something bad’s bound to happen. Keep that in mind for later.

I heard a gem of a statement the other day while listening to the Fasting & Furious lecture by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef. It was,

“We don’t need motivation to do the things we love. So what’s holding us back from loving the Qur’an? From wanting to pray taraweeh? From loving Allah?”

(Pretty powerful stuff that I think says enough on it’s own but I gotta ramble so…)

Nothing holds us, or should I say me personally, back from logging into my gmail account to chat. I don’t think twice before doing things that I enjoy. 

But what about those things that we should enjoy and are just putting to the back of our minds, for comfort’s sake? For that, I think we’re all in need of re-evaluating our priorities every once in a while. What’s really more important to us? Maybe the reason behind our excuses of ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’m too tired’ is simply because, well, as painful as it is to admit it – maybe we just don’t care enough. Once you get to the root of the problem and fix it, the rest will be history insha Allah.

And what about those things that we don’t enjoy but really should get done with already?

Ahh the perils of procrastination… I could probably write a book on that topic, simply based off of all the times I’ve fallen into the habit and got myself into holes deeper than I could climb out of, and done it again. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll share a tip a special person once shared with me:

“For all the things that you hate doing, just imagine if you died today. Think of who would have to do the task after you. How do you feel about that?”

For example, let’s just say a certain someone has been putting off cleaning her room (yeah, okay fine, it’s me again). Imagining someone else coming to tidy up my room, picking up all my clothes off the floor, putting everything away, etc. after my death scheduled in 24 hours (which is already scary by itself!) is enough to make me snap out of my chair and pick up the vacuum cleaner.

Where in your life do you have milk waiting to be put away? And if not now, when are you going to do it? Remember, you’ve got 24 hours. Maybe.



Below lie a few of the extremely-long-waited for kitten pictures! However, since I took forever to post them up (and lost a kitten on the way – adopted alhamdulillah), there’s also a pretty cool story behind one of the furballs; one never knows where they’ll find their daily inspiration from!





The Story

Yesterday one of the kittens fell off the top step of the stairs (the ones in the pic). I know, triple ouch. The poor thing started meowing like crazy with every hobble it took afterwards. (Alhamdulillah, she’s better now.) So what’s the cool thing about this story? Well, it just so happens that of all the kittens (6 at the time), only the one who was injured is able to jump from the steps today.

Moral: What hurts now may be the reason behind your success later (and because of your difficult situation @ the present (think of it as a present), you may end up whizzing by others struggling in the future).  

Insha Allah soon enough I’ll post some cuter pictures with better resolution. I stole these ones off L.

Enough posts for one night, methinks!

PS Ever since I found out ‘one’ can’t be referred to as ‘they’ – (ex: one never knows where they’ll find…), I find it so hard to implement this irritating grammar rule destroyed by everyday conversation. Sorry. Blame society, media, and cheese (why not?), but not milk.

It’s time for the ‘match the sister to the convo’ game 🙂

Convo 1

???: “Welcome to the world. You’re not a kid. Please wake up. Don’t take it personal, but no one cares about you and as a matter of fact they want to be better than you.”


Convo 2

???: “ajidfokalsdfisdjf” – something funny that I forget

Me: “If I had a facebook account I would make that my status. Too bad – ”

???: “No.” *moments later* “You can get facebook.”

Me: “ARE YOU – ”

– ???: “Just kidding!” *later* “If you had facebook you could make a fan page for me.”


Convo 3

– Grandma: “…Yeah, they’re staying in Beirut for two days.”

???: “Oh Beirut as in Paris, right?”


Convo 4

– Me after entering her room: “What was that one – ”

– ???: “Bismillah!”

– Me: “Um… Am I really that scary?”

– ???: “I didn’t see you!”

– Me: “Okay. What was that one – ”

– ???: “What?”

– Me: “I said what was that – ”

– ???: “Whaat??”

– Me: “I SAID – ” *??? takes out earplugs* “What was that one thing you said yesterday that I was all ‘ohh if I had fb I would make that my status!’?”

– ???: “Oh, how I told you, ‘Today I learned you have a psychiatric disorder.’?”

– Me: “Yeah. I’m not gonna facebook it. I’m gonna WORDPRESS it.”

– ???: “Um… Okay. You make no sense please go I have to study.”


Wisdom, Discipline, and Humour – I need a bit of everything. Maybe that’s why I have 3 sisters. Alhamdulillah.

And seriously, what would you choose?

Now What?

It recently hit me that there are approximately 8 days ’till Ramadan, and exactly one month from then ’till I bid farewell to summer and greet my first day of university *insha Allah*.

Afraid much? Oh no, not at all...

So now what? Run. Chicken Run.

… then come back, face reality, suck it up, and make most of the days Allah has blessed you with.