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A Jumble of Potential Posts?

Here’s a whole bunch of saved drafts I’ve had since the ages. I thought I’d take ’em out for a short walk so they could feel the fresh internet air. No comment as to where I was going with most of them…

– Deadlines in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.

– If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.

– Every year we live we pass by the anniversary of our deaths.

– August reminds me of Augustus Gloop.

– The Ultimate Showdown would be between Charlie Brown & Snoopy and Calvin & Hobbes. Obviously, there’s a clear winner.

– One of the most common mistakes in the English language is using the words ‘aisle’ and ‘isle’ interchangeably. There is a difference. Google it. You learn something new everyday.

There are a couple more. Insha Allah soon.


It’s time for the ‘match the sister to the convo’ game 🙂

Convo 1

???: “Welcome to the world. You’re not a kid. Please wake up. Don’t take it personal, but no one cares about you and as a matter of fact they want to be better than you.”


Convo 2

???: “ajidfokalsdfisdjf” – something funny that I forget

Me: “If I had a facebook account I would make that my status. Too bad – ”

???: “No.” *moments later* “You can get facebook.”

Me: “ARE YOU – ”

– ???: “Just kidding!” *later* “If you had facebook you could make a fan page for me.”


Convo 3

– Grandma: “…Yeah, they’re staying in Beirut for two days.”

???: “Oh Beirut as in Paris, right?”


Convo 4

– Me after entering her room: “What was that one – ”

– ???: “Bismillah!”

– Me: “Um… Am I really that scary?”

– ???: “I didn’t see you!”

– Me: “Okay. What was that one – ”

– ???: “What?”

– Me: “I said what was that – ”

– ???: “Whaat??”

– Me: “I SAID – ” *??? takes out earplugs* “What was that one thing you said yesterday that I was all ‘ohh if I had fb I would make that my status!’?”

– ???: “Oh, how I told you, ‘Today I learned you have a psychiatric disorder.’?”

– Me: “Yeah. I’m not gonna facebook it. I’m gonna WORDPRESS it.”

– ???: “Um… Okay. You make no sense please go I have to study.”


Wisdom, Discipline, and Humour – I need a bit of everything. Maybe that’s why I have 3 sisters. Alhamdulillah.

And seriously, what would you choose?

White Moustaches

You may have seen or heard of John Quinones’ hit ABC show What Would You Do. I must admit, while some episodes do make me laugh at the level of sheer arrogance displayed, there are those that do quite the opposite. To think that there are people out there who carry such ignorant attitudes as seen in some clips is pretty disturbing.

Although the one below does not exactly fit either case, I still found it to be quite intriguing as it touches upon a crux found in every society: gender equality vs gender equity.

For more What Would You Do episodes touching on gender equality some can be found here and here.

So, as always I have to put my own spin on things 😛 …

Today, we find many pushing and pushing in an attempt to reach gender equality. At the same time however, people refuse to accept the fact that as human beings we will continue to subconsciously treat men differently than the way we interact with women. Most of the time when we do things that affects someone we don’t think, “Is the way I’m treating so and so fair? Would I treat this person the same way if his/her gender was different?”

Rarely do we think this… Except when we’re out there purposely monitoring our actions, keeping our modesty in check, purifying our intentions, and so on.

Where am I going with this?

Maybe I’m analyzing this too much, maybe I’m not. I just can’t help but feel that the hijab/headscarf that Muslim women wear is like a “divine prescription” – customized to fit each and every woman’s needs; a reminder to herself of who she is and what she stands for, as well as a body of armour that automatically sets others straight on how to interact with her. True equality stems from treating a woman the way she deserves to be treated, not by measuring her up to man-made standards made for man. I don’t wear hijab for men nor because of men, but I do refuse to be judged according to men. Maybe as women it’s time to wipe off the “white mustaches” we’ve grown accustomed to having on our faces and find our true feminism elsewhere.

And hey, maybe the fact that the hijab has lasted more than centuries has to mean something… maybe something like: “it’s more than just a piece of cloth”.


Is it all too clear I miss writing for I Got It Covered :P?

PS Again, title credit goes to DaughterofPearls – what would I do without your cleverness?!

PSS Why is ‘cleverness’ a word but not ‘geniusness’? Someone can be a genius the same way he/she can be clever. I refuse to allow the word ‘genius’ to be reduced to a simple title and not be granted the ranking of an adjective, Webster.

Now What?

It recently hit me that there are approximately 8 days ’till Ramadan, and exactly one month from then ’till I bid farewell to summer and greet my first day of university *insha Allah*.

Afraid much? Oh no, not at all...

So now what? Run. Chicken Run.

… then come back, face reality, suck it up, and make most of the days Allah has blessed you with.